6 Actresses Who Were Told They Were Too Young to Play a Major Role

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Ageism in Hollywood is a very real thing, especially for women. There’s something called the “older-man problem,” which basically means that movie execs love to pair young actresses with much-older male love interests. James Franco was more than 10 years Vanessa Hudgens‘ senior in Spring Breakers. Suicide Squad‘s Joel Kinnaman is over 12 years older than Cara Delevingne. And James Franco was already a teenager by the time his Palo Alto bae, Emma Roberts, was born.

But just because famous females are often told they’re too old to be involved with a project, they also get rejected due to their young age — basically, they can’t win! Keep reading to see all the ladies who heard the words, “No thanks; you’re too young,” in their careers.