Best & Worst Actors (and Reality Stars) Turned “Singers”

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Actors Turned SingersWhen you really think about it, there aren’t too many celebrities who just focus on one area of the entertainment industry anymore. A lot of the top actors have dabbled in music (and vice versa). How many are actually good at it is a whole other story. Take Scarlett Johansson, for example. While she’s beyond incredibly gorgeous talented in the acting department, her singing skills are… so-so. But with a little hard work (and autotune), she sounds just like any other “singer” in her new virtual duet of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” with Dean Martin. In fact, we kinda like it.

While we’re not sure where we’d place ScarJo on our talented-singer meter, here are our Top 5 Actors-Turned-Singers (female edition), and the 5 Celebrities-Who-Shouldn’t-Quit-Their-Day-Jobs-for-a-Singing-Career.

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BEST: Demi Lovato — “Catch Me”/”Don’t Forget” (Live)

We’re sure we don’t need to emphasize just how talented D.Lo is — especially when she’s giving a live performance. Hello, remember when she sang the National Anthem this year?! We rest our case.


WORST: Kim Kardashian — “Jam (Turn It Up)”

Even autotune couldn’t help Kimmy’s not-made-to-sing voice. Maybe she should stick to other kinds of recordings, if you catch our drift.


BEST: Leighton Meester — “The Stand In” (Live)

Ever since Leight teamed up with Cobra Starship on “Good Girls Go Bad,” we’ve been obsessed with her voice. At least we know that when GG‘s dunzo (which will probably be soon) she could have a decent music career ahead of her.


WORST: Ashley Tisdale — “Not Like That”

Alright, so the Tis’ voice isn’t awful. But her songs are just plain embarrassing…


BEST: Selena Gomez — “Who Says” (Live)

We were a little shocked when Selly got a recording contract, considering her terrible lip-sync performance on Hannah Montana. Who knew she was actually kinda good?


WORST: Lindsay Lohan — “Confessions of a Broken Heart” (Live)

It’s been a while since we heard the musical stylings of LiLo. And it’s prob for the best, too.


BEST: Miley Cyrus — “When I Look At You” (Live)

MiCy had a whole show centered around being a singer, so her rise to being a popstar was inevitable.


WORST: Paris Hilton — “Nothing in This World”

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you can buy talent.


BEST: Jessica Biel — “Mad About the Boy” (Live)

Hey, Jess got on Broadway somehow. Maybe JT gave her some singing tips?


WORST: Heidi Montag — “Superficial”

No. Just… no.


Who do you think is the best actress-turned-singer? Worst? Vote for your favorite below, then tell us who hurt your ears in the comments!