7 Stars Who Were Pregnant While Filming Their Movies, But Hid It Well

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There’s no question that pregnancy is an incredibly life-altering event. Women have the joy of carrying a tiny human inside of them, while dealing with bizarre cravings, morning sickness, swollen feet, mood shifts due to rising hormones, pregnancy brain, and so much more. To throw a thriving career into the mix is just the icing on the cake.

Remember back in the day when women were ~supposed to~ stay at home, cook, clean, and bear babies? Office jobs were out of the question; meant for the men. Today, women are celebrated for their strong work ethic, and pregnancy isn’t nearly as pushed upon them as it used to be. Furthermore, various rules are now in place that protect pregnant women in the work force from being discriminated against… even fired. Now what about being on the big screen?

With a woman’s actual image the focal point of her role in a film, pregnancy would seem out of the question. But as times progress, people prove that women can do it all, and are being accepted for that. The following seven women were not only cast in main roles while being pregnant, but did a damn good job doing it: