18 Actresses Who Were in a DCOM While Filming Their Disney Channel Series

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Since the first Disney Channel Original Movie premiered in 1997, these made-for-TV movies have become a staple of childhood and pre-teen years. Who could ever forget classics like Thirteenth Year, The Cheetah Girls and High School Musical?!?! DCOMs hold a dear place in our hearts and to this day, and most of us, no matter our age, can’t help but get a little excited when a new one is set to premiere.

Disney Channel is a tight-knit group and while the DC family is expanding all the time, they still give a little bit of preferential treatment to young stars who are already part of the network. This means giving teen actors and actresses who already having a starring Disney Channel SERIES role a shot at landing the main part in one of their upcoming films. Last week we gave you 9 actors who got a part in a DCOM while filming a Disney Channel series, but DOUBLE the number of did the same thing (thus, girls rule!).