All the Actresses Who Almost Played Belle in the New Beauty and the Beast

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It might have been a little hard to picture Emma Watson as Belle in the upcoming live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at first (can she even sing?!?!!?), but once pictures, clips, etc., started to emerge, our hearts quickly welcomed the Harry Potter star as the Princess. Yes, tons of other amazing actresses were considered for the coveted role, but the 26-year-old has the charm and grace needed to play royalty.

We still have more than two months before Beauty and the Beast hits theaters, so in the meantime take a look at the other female stars who were considered for the role.

1. Lily Collins — According to IMDB, the 27-year-old actress was “considered for the role of Belle for a while” before Emma Watson was ultimately cast. Lily had previously taken on the lead role in Mirror Mirror, a live-action re-imagination of the classic story, Snow White, proving that she is comfortable in the Disney universe. We’re not sure if she actually auditioned to play the lead in BatB, but we can only imagine how hard movie executives’ decision must’ve been if she did.

2. Emma RobertsIMDB also reports that this Emma was considered in Disney highly anticipated movie, which is kinda shocking to us, TBH. You see, the 25-year-old is known for playing the bitchy character same kind of role over and over again, and this princess is definitely a little more ~romantic~ than what we’re used to see her playing. Hey — maybe he says singing in Unfabulous inspired her to audition!

3. Amanda Seyfried — Amanda stole our hearts in Mamma Mia! and Les Miserables, so it’s pretty surprising that she was only “briefly considered” to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast. We think she would’ve made an amazing Disney Princess, don’t you?

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4. Kristen Stewart — While you may think KStew’s previous role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman got her considered for Belle in Beauty and the Beast, it was actually her already established relationship with director Bill Condon (the man who directed the final two Twilight movies) that got casting execs talking. A source said that Bill “Definitely thought of Kristen Stewart as a possible Belle” in the early stages of making the movie, but since it took so long to go from development to filming, who knows what happened in the end.

Emma isn’t the only YA actress who’s starring in a 2017 movie remake…