6 Actresses Who Were Almost Cast in 2017’s Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is kicking butt, you guys — and we’re not only talking about the famed superhero; the 2017 edition of Wonder Woman, featuring Gal Gadot, is destroying the competition, coming in at #1 and earning over $450 million worldwide in its first two weekends. Plus, it’s got a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — that makes it the highest-rated DC Comics film since The Dark Knight (which scored a 94% rating). This is the female-driven superhero movie we’ve been waiting for!

With the blockbuster’s overwhelming success, you can bet that there’s already talk of a sequel. But, before the time comes when you can learn more details behind WW2, there’s still so much to discuss about the OG flick… like these six actresses who were almost cast in the motion picture: