10 Awesome Pairs You Totally Forgot Starred in the Same Movie Together

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There are some movie co-stars you’ll always remember lit up the big screen together. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper? Why, of course, they’ve done Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Serena (whenever the heck that comes out). James Franco & Seth Rogen? Please, when has Seth ever done a film withOUT James? But then there are those co-stars you could not remember for the life of you. Chloe Moretz & Jennifer Lawrence? Uhh…

Whether it’s because the cast of a particular movie was too large to wrap your heads around or one of the stars (or even both) was an absolute nobody when the film was shot, here are ten (though, this could really go on forever) awesome pairs of actors you totally forgot ever starred in the same flick together: