6 Actors Who Went to College After Their YA Movies

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Teen celebs have so many unbelievable life experiences. They walk the red carpet, wear amazing designer clothes, hang out with other mega-stars… Oh, and they make major ca$h flow. But fame and fortune have a cost: an actual normal life. Kylie Jenner has said that she’d love to give up her fame and be a regular teen (although her Instagrams pretty much never show typical teenage life). Being a star often means sacrificing important life events, like going to senior prom and spending holidays with your family. Worth it? In the long run, maybe not.

Although most teen stars are forced to miss out on high school, college can be a different story. Flexible class schedules can allow people with even the craziest lives to get an education and legitimately enjoy the college experience. Hollywood is fun, but there’s nothing quite like college. Take a look at these actors who chose university life even after hitting it big in blockbuster YA movies: