Hotties of the Week: Hotties Who Went From Silly to Serious Movie Roles

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We never realized it ’til now, but a lot of Hollywood’s top guns started off in really cheesy movies. Not that we’re making fun of them or anything because, after all, you gotta start somewhere. But since uber-romantic The Lucky One is in theaters this weekend, we figured this would be the perfect time to shed light on those guys as our Hotties of the Week — the ones who went from silly flicks to more serious films. Starting with…

Zac Efron: High School Musical – The Lucky One
Considering the fact that he plays a sensitive, kick-butt marine in the latter, it’s almost hard to think of him as the way he was introduced in HSM — as a singing basketball player.

Disney/Warner Bros.

Ryan Reynolds: Van Wilder – Definitely, Maybe
Did you ever think Van Wilder would turn into an A-list star? Sure RyRey’s still a known jokester, but he can def pull off sensitive roles like playing a single dad, too.

Myriad Pictures/Universal Pictures

Channing Tatum: She’s the Man – The Vow
We didn’t think he could get any cuter after playing a soccer player who couldn’t talk to girls in She’s the Man… Clearly we were wrong.

DreamWorks/Screen Gems

Josh Hutcherson: RV – The Hunger Games
Such a cutie! But look at the way he had to dress.
Bet’chya he won’t be forced into doing dorky movie roles again after THG‘s success.


Taylor Lautner: The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl – The Twilight Saga
It was Taylor’s first movie, so we’ll let the fact that it was terrible he looks ridic slide.
Fortch, he’s grown up a bit since his Sharkboy stage and stars in one of our fave series!

Columbia Pictures/Summit

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 10 Things I Hate About You – Inception
JGL was kinda cute in a dweeby way in 10 Things, but have you seen him recently?
He’s an absolute babe! Especially when he slicks his hair back.

Touchstone/Warner Bros.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Bubble Boy – Love and Other Drugs
Think Jake’s embarrassed about Bubble Boy? After all, he was in his twenties when he did it.
Eh, guess it doesn’t matter. Have you seen all the dramatic roles he’s taken in recent years?!

Touchstone/Twentieth Century Fox

Zoe Saldana: Crossroads – Avatar
The Britney Spears picture is still a go-to at some slumber parties, but Avatar‘s a record-breaker and one of the highest-grossing films of all time! Think Zoe would go back if she could?

Paramount/Twentieth Century Fox

Lucas Till: Hannah Montana: The Movie – X-Men: First Class
From crushing on Miley Stewart to bulking up as Havok,
we think it’s safe to say Luke’s done with kiddie flicks. Those arms… droolworthy.

Disney/Twentieth Century Fox

James Franco: Never Been Kissed – 127 Hours
James kinda bounces back and forth between comedies and dramas.
Still, we can’t forget the popular-yet-kinda-dumb character he played in Never Been Kissed.

Twentieth Century Fox

Who’s the #1 stud on the list? Are there any other guys who went from silly to serious movie roles?

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