Our Top 6 Fave Double Movie Collaborators

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If you caught the John Carter trailer, didja notice anything besides John’s rock-hard abs? The two main characters, Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, starred in a movie together before! So we got to thinking, how many other guy-girl duos starred in multiple flicks with each other (that aren’t a part of the same franchise)? Turns out there’s a lot, but we narrowed it down to the top 6. Here’s what it came down to…

Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins
X-Men Origins: Wolverine & John Carter
In their first film, Tay played a card-throwing mutant, while Lynn had the power to control minds.
In JC, they both live on Mars. Guess they both a thing for the supernatural, eh?
Actors Who Starred in More Than One Movie Together

Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene
The Twilight Saga & A Warrior’s Heart
Between filming the saga where they play foster siblings, both took the time to play tonsil hockey with each other in another flick. How incestuous adorbs.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
Crazy, Stupid, Love & The Gangster Squad
If they have the same amount of chemistry in TGS as they did in CSL, we smell a hit!
After all, who could resist his “Photoshopped” six-pack?

Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel
Valentine’s Day & The A-Team
She played the PR rep to his boyf in V-Day, and then his ex-GF-turned-current-GF in The A-Team.
May-jah switcheroo, but we enjoyed both scenarios just the same.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried
Alpha Dog & In Time
Way back when in, ya know, 2006, Justin’s character told Amanda’s to “fool around” with some kid. Five years later, the two joined forces to run from the law. And play strip poker. Somebody likes sluttin’ it up.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
Titanic & Revolutionary Road
They may be super old (in terms), but you can’t blame us.
They’re the ultimate movie collab duo!

Which of the twosomes we picked is your absolute fave? Did another pair of collaborators deserve a spot? Who would you include? Dish below!

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