10 Actors Who Returned to Their TV Shows After They OG Quit

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When it comes to your favorite TV shows, you can’t help but get emotionally attached to the characters. This explains why it’s heartbreaking when an actor announces that he or she will be saying goodbye to a show not because the storyline requires it, but because they want to leave. Whether it’s to pursue other projects or to avoid getting locked into one type of role, there are quite a few actors who willingly leave beloved television series.

When this happens, show creators are forced to revise the character’s storyline by tragically killing him/her off or having the person leave town for a reason that’s not always believable. In the case of The Vampire Diaries, fans lost their chill after Nina Dobrev left the show. Despite losing its female lead, the vampy production has managed to continue by still incorporating her character into the story. On a recent episode, it seemed like there would be no hope for Elena Gilbert’s return after Damon burned the body. However, last week’s ep revealed a HUGE game-changer: Elena’s body is still intact, and is safely stored in New York. So perhaps this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Nina? Fingers crossed!

After all, actors will sometimes return to the TV shows they once abandoned — usually for a single episode (or for a few recurring spots, if you’re lucky). While the reason for their return is occasionally unclear, we suspect it’s because perhaps they missed their characters just as much as the fandom did. Either way, it temporarily satisfies die-hard fans. SIDE NOTE: We’re still waiting for Tyler Hoechlin to reprise his role as Derek Hale on Teen Wolf like the showrunners originally hinted at. Until that day comes, check out a few actors who couldn’t resist the urge to return to the TV show they once quit: