7 Actors Who Played Two Very Different Superheroes on Screen

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No matter what age you are, we’re guessing that you’ve probably seen at least one superhero flick. And if you’re an avid fan of comic book adaptations, then you’ll probably continue watching these kinds of movies. If you think about it, the reason superhero movies tend to be massive box-office hits is because they appeal to a wide range of people from various ages.

But let’s not forget that these actors who portray these characters are also major hotties. Once you stop drooling over how attractive these actors are, you might realize that you’ve seen them in other superhero flicks. Actually, there are several well-known actors who have shown their versatility by playing, not one, but TWO different superhero characters. Moreover, these characters’ personalities tend to be vastly different from each other. From Ryan Reynolds to Chris Evans, click through the gallery below to find out which of your fave actors put on two very different superhero suits: