6 Pairs That Played On-Screen Parent & Child More Than Once

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Some actors just love to work with each other. We’ve seen twosomes take on VERY DIFFERENT roles (ahem, boyfriend &girlfriend in one movie, siblings in another) and sometimes famous friends will team up again because they’ve got great on-screen chemistry, like Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling. We’ve gotta admit — it’s kind of awesome.

But sometimes, a bond built for the screen can be so strong that the actors just have to bring it back. While we can’t always make sequels to see an awesome mother-son, mother-daughter, father-son, father-daughter pair back in action, we have seen actors who slip right back into that same relationship for a brand-new project and unique characters. Scroll down to see 6 pairs who played an on-screen parent-child duo more than once: