6 Actors Who Originally Turned Down Their Oscar-Winning Role

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Accepting a movie role is a HUGE undertaking; signing a film contract means that you’re agreeing to commit yourself to months, sometimes years, of work, night and day. That’s why, among many other reasons, you’ll find that many stars have actually turned down Best Actress Oscar-winning roles. Anne Hathaway shot down Jennifer Lawrence‘s Oscar-winning part in Silver Linings Playbook, Sandra Bullock was initially attached to Million Dollar Baby, Julia Roberts lost out on a potential win for Shakespeare in Love, etc. Now, obviously these people didn’t know an Oscar was in the particular character’s future, nor is it possible to know if the award would’ve actually went to them if they were the ones filling the character’s shoes.

ANYWAY, getting back to the point, accepting a role is a huge undertaking, so one must consider all the outcomes before committing. That’s what all of these actors and actresses did. So much so, that they actually wanted to shoot down what turned out to be an Academy Award win, but eventually changed their mind: