10 Actors Who Originally Turned Down Their Oscar-Nominated Roles

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Earning an Oscar nomination is one of the highest achievements an actor can receive. Basically, it comes in at #2… behind actually WINNING an Academy Award. Some stars receive the honor multiple times, like Meryl Streep, who has an incredible 19(!) nominations (three of which were wins) and holds the title as most-nominated actor of all time. Then there are others, like Leonardo DiCaprio, who have a bunch of acclaimed, Oscar-worthy roles under their belts, but only score nods half the time. (Fortunately, in Leo’s case, he finally snagged the big win this past awards season.)

Considering all the talents who originally turned down their Oscar-winning part, as well as the celebrities who actually did turn down Oscar-winning parts, we wondered about all the stars who nearly rejected Oscar-nominated roles as well. Because, as we said, it’s second highest achievement an actor can receive.