12 Actors Who Drastically Slimmed Down for Their Movie Roles

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Tumblr (lesmismovie)

Tumblr (lesmismovie)

Everything’s coming up Jake Gyllenhaal at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. His upcoming movie, Nightcrawler, in which he plays an underground crime-scene videographer, is receiving high praise, so it makes a lot of sense why he’s the talk of the town. But that’s not the only reason Taylor Swift‘s ex is making headlines; he shed a whopping 30 pounds for it!

In an interview with E! Online, he said, “I’d say my mother was worried. I would say she just wanted me to be careful. But she also knew and knows how seriously I take what I do and she respects that. She knows that I’m a big boy and I could handle myself and that I would stay within the realm of being safe, but yes, she worried. She’d be like, ‘You’re cranky — eat something.'”

But Jake is far from the first celebrity to take the dramatic plunge for his career. Here are 12 other actors who drastically slimmed down for their roles. (Kids, don’t try this at home.)