8 YA Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Their Characters’ Book Descriptions

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Oftentimes, massively popular YA novels are given the Hollywood treatment and turned into a movie. When this occurs, the movie adaptation can become an instant success or a total disaster. Perhaps one of the key factors involved in a film becoming a hit or miss is the casting choice. Actors frequently get selected for roles because their performances suit the character. However, actors also need to look the part in order for their performances to be completely believable.

We’ve already proven that there are several actors who look absolutely nothing like the characters described in YA novels (we’re looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence). But, there’s also a good amount of stars whose physical features are so accurate that the resemblance to the novel character is uncanny. So it’s only fair that we show examples of actors who actually look exactly like the authors’ descriptions, right? Thought so.