7 YA Actors Who Look Nothing Like Their Characters’ Book Descriptions

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When casting actors in movie adaptations of popular YA novels (or any novel, for that matter), movie studios usually select an actor whose features closely resemble the character they’re aiming to portray; makes sense — it’s what the author’s original vision was, plus it keeps fans happy. Then there are other times when the casting directors find someone who, they say, better embodies the idea of the character… but looks NOTHING like the book’s description!

Actors should get selected for movies not just because they connect with a character, but because they look the part, too. Ignoring an actor’s appearance and casting someone simply based on their performance is a sure way to anger fandoms. LBH, if an actor wants to convince the audience that he or she is the epitome of a character, then he or she has to bear close resemblance to the novel’s depiction; that’s just how the (fangirl) world works. Check out the gallery below to view YA movie castings that, unfortunately, missed the mark on at least one count: