7 of Your Favorite Actors Who Criticized Their Own YA Movies

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YA films can either become massive box-office successes (like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner) or total failures (like The Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy) with no possibility of a sequel. Even though young adult flicks have the ability to become widely popular among fangirls, the actors involved don’t always share the same enthusiasm. In fact, several actors will voice their complaints about their movie’s plot, character motivations and even physical characteristics of their own characters!

Filmmakers typically try to remain true to the spirit of the YA novel. But, in doing so, they incorporate such elements that the actors could sometimes do without. At some point, these unsatisfied actors will let it slip that they had a bone (or two) to pick with the potential blockbuster. From Twilight stars to Harry Potter cast members, click through the gallery below to find out who criticized their own YA flicks: