6 Actors Who Didn’t Know Their TV Co-Star Got Married Until After the Wedding

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It’s no secret that deep friendships develop on the set of your favorite TV shows. Actors who start off as strangers often become besties with their co-stars, and next thing you know, they are all over each other’s Instagram feeds in silly selfies that were taken on set season after season.

Unfortunately, as with all great things, these shows eventually have to come to an end, and these actors that got so used to seeing each other every single day at work ultimately have to say goodbye. And while it’s true that Hollywood isn’t all that big, going from hanging out with somebody every day to hardly ever at all is bound to have detrimental effects on the friendship.

For some of these former co-stars, this means cutting their on-set BFFs out of some of the most important days of their lives… including their wedding day. To make it even worse, some of these old friends didn’t even know their co-star’s wedding was happening until it was already over! Wondering which of your favorite TV stars axed their former co-star from the guest list? Check it out: