8 Actors Known More For Their Bodies Than Their Bodies of Work

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Sometimes you’ll be talking to someone and they’ll mention an actor and you’ll be like, “Oh yeah, he takes his shirt off a lot.” And then the person you’re talking to will be like, “Yeah, and he’s also an actor.” And you’ll say, “Right, he’s been in stuff, hasn’t he? Like that thing where he took his shirt off.” Because the fact is some actors are known more for their hot bodies than their acting skills, which may or may not exist in the first place.

These guys shouldn’t worry about it too much, though, because some actors have been in this position before and been able to overcome it. Take Matthew McConaughey. He went from “That guy who plays bongos naked and can never keep his top on” to “That guy who won an Oscar and is now a serious actor.” There’s still hope! Maybe. Because let’s face it, some of these guys just let their abs do the work.

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