13 Actors Who Nearly Turned Down Their Big-Deal TV Drama Role

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TV dramas are full of, well, drama — but not just on screen. So much happens behind the scenes that you have no clue about and a ton of things take place before the cast is even set on a television show. Now that you’re addicted or tuned into your favorite series, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing your fave characters — BUT, in a lot of cases, the perfect casting almost never happened.

Like with Gossip Girl, for instance, there were SO many stars who almost landed roles on the series, but didn’t and it was much better because of it. The weirdest thing about TV casting, however, is when you learn that your #1 favorite character almost chose NOT to play their now-iconic role. SPOILER: Penn Badgley did NOT want to play Dan Humphrey; he even dissed the CW series numerous times. And he’s not the only one who who thisclose to denying a part on a particular TV drama: