17 Celebs Who Turned Their Acting Career Into a Career in U.S. Politics

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Actors Turned Politicians


LBR, there hasn’t been a day since Donald Trump became President of the United States that we haven’t thought (and worried) about the future of our nation. And although we still have several years left of his presidency to go (unless he hopefully gets impeached), his victory in the last election got us all thinking about which other familiar faces could be transitioning into politics.

Considering DJT was originally a reality star and a well-known businessman before taking his seat in the Oval Office, it’s become pretty clear that just about anyone can become — or, at least, try to become — a politician. That being said, you may be surprised to find out that, actually, a lot of actors have decided to dip their feet into U.S. politics. Of course, we loved seeing these actors star in some of our favorite movies and on TV shows, but we think it’s awesome that they decided to do more by taking some time away from acting to focus on how they can better our country. So, are you wondering which actors got into politics (OR went from politics to acting)? Take a look: