6 Actors Who Turned Down An Oscar-Winning Role, But Eventually Won One

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It’s very rare that the person who actually plays a movie role was the only person considered for the part (unless, of course, you’re Shailene Woodley and the movie is Divergent). In fact, a lot of the time, the director or producers will have someone else in mind, but that person will reject the part, leaving it wide open for a new celeb to swoop in and take it home. This can be a blessing for the person who actually winds up getting the role, and possibly a curse for whoever lets it slip through their fingertips… particularly if that movie ends up becoming a blockbuster, or winning an Academy Award.

While the list of guys and gals who let THE part one get away (and by “the part,” we mean the one that took home a golden statue) is quite long, these 6 actors and actresses eventually redeemed themselves by winning an Oscar for a different role.