10 Awesome Actors Who’ve Starred in Multiple Movie Franchises

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If Shailene Woodley actually stayed on for The Amazing Spider-Man, she would be part of TWO awesome movie franchises. But according to the 22-year-old actress, she’s not sure if she would even want that to happen. Ever. She admitted, “I don”t know that I would even want to do two franchises at this point now having been through [Divergent].”

However, there are plenty of other big-name actors and actresses who are more than willing to take on two or more film series. Jamie Campbell Bower was in both Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga (though, his role in HP was minimal; here’s hoping The Mortal Instruments pushes forward with a second film!); Robert Pattinson, like JCB, also had a feature in the Daniel Radcliffe-led franchise (and, of course, Twilight), but his character died fairly early, so… yeah, guess he doesn’t count either. Here are ten amazing celebrities who actually have full-on STARRING roles in multiple movie franchises: