17 Big-Name Actors Who Starred on Failed TV Pilots

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It’s no secret that we love a good TV show. From mystery thrillers like Pretty Little Liars to hilarious comedies like Girl Meets World, having a Netflix binge is the cure to any weekend blues. It’s even better when a show is long-running and continues to deliver excellent episodes, and it leaves us wondering if we would even know who some our fave celebs are if the television series never aired. Imagine a world without Teen Wolf — we may never have gotten to fall in love with Dylan O’Brien!

When our favorite star books a new TV show, we can’t hep but get super excited. We’ll rally behind them and watch every episode (even if we don’t particularly like the drama or comedy). Sometimes the shows are mega-hits and sometimes they’re total flops. It’s always a shock when one doesn’t get high ratings or gets the chop after just one season, but there are tons of shows that never even aired. We rounded up some of the biggest actors who starred on TV pilots that didn’t even make the cut: