19 Actors with the Most Academy Awards Nominations But No Oscars (Yet)

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The 90th Annual Academy Awards ceremony is only a few days away and we’re already so excited to see who will join the big group of celebrated actors who have been recognized for their work. We love getting to look back at some of the most historic Oscar moments and as much as we love celebrating the winners, we can’t help but think of the dozens of actors that came this close to getting an Oscar of their own.

Getting nominated for an Academy Award is the biggest accomplishment that anyone in the film industry can have, but receiving multiple nominations — or, even better, WINS — cements you into history as the best of the best. We all know that it can take YEARS to finally be able to say your acceptance speech (we’re looking at you, Leonardo DiCaprio), but we can’t believe that there are so many stars who have been nominated more than three times and still haven’t won.

We rounded up the most famous actors who have multiple Academy Award nominations to their name but have yet to be acknowledged with a victory. You’ll be surprised about who’s on the list, trust us: