9 Actors Who Starred in a DCOM While Filming Their Disney Channel TV Show

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Growing up there was arguably nothing better than kicking back and watching a brand-new DCOM (or ‘Disney Channel Original Movie’ for those of you who have been living under a rock). Disney Channel has created 101 (HOLY CRAPY) original films (and counting!) and a lot of the earlier ones featured actors who went on to gain stardom elsewhere. That being said, there was basically nothing better than when one of your fave DC TV stars also booked a gig in a DCOM.

Execs promised that they don’t write special TV-movie roles for specific Disney stars… but does it really matter? Clearly some stars just had the ‘it’ factor that The Mouse was looking for. Keep reading to see 9 guys who starred in an unrelated Disney Channel Original Movie while filming their Disney Channel television series (we decided to exclude Disney Channel Original Series that became DCOMS… because those actor/actress crossovers seemed a little too obvious)!