All the Stars Who Had Their First Kiss on a Nickelodeon Television Series

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Nickelodeon is the home of a lot of notable television series. From Unfabulous to iCarly & Victorious all the way to Bella and the Bulldogs, the network has spanned the decades and given tweens and teens — including some of Nick’s biggest stars — some of the greatest on-screen moments ever.

Nickelodeon is also the home of a lot of notable on-screen kisses… which just so happen to be the first-EVER kisses for some, including Miranda Cosgrove and Emma Roberts. Get the details on all the stars who had their first smooches on a Nickelodeon TV show:

Miranda Cosgrove — Fans of iCarly‘s Carly and Freddie might be happy to hear that MC’s first kiss went down on her hit TV series. “We did so many weird things on the show that most people haven’t done,” she told Gurl.com. I got to wear a harness in one episode and hang off the side of a building and did a lot of weird stuff. I also had my first kiss on iCarly.” Haiii, Nathan Kress!

Emma Roberts — When asked about her first television kiss for Wild magazine’s Winter Radiant issue in 2014, the now-Scream Queens actress actually admitted that her it was her first smooch all together. “His name was Raja [Fenske] and he played Jake Behari on my TV show, Unfabulous,” she revealed. “He was the cutest. I feel like I had so many of my firsts on TV and in movies before I did in real life — all of them actually. They were fake before they were real, which I think gave me an unrealistic view of how they should be.”

Daniella Monet — Daniella’s first lip-lock reportedly went down during her days on Zoey 101. “Mine’s not that exciting,” she dished. “All of my first handful of kisses were all on TV. And they were all awkward. I didn’t have my first [real] kiss until I was a lot older… My first kiss was on Nickelodeon, to be honest.”

Brec Bassinger — The Bella and the Bulldogs actress’ first hookup went down quite recently. “This is how my first kiss, ever, happened,” she began telling TigerBeat. “I found out I was going to have a kiss scene on Bella and the Bulldogs from one of the producers. I was telling him about a cute boy I met and said, ‘I need to kiss him in real life, so I can start kissing on the show.’ And he said, ‘Wait. Have you read the last episode?’

“I immediately knew they were going to have me kiss a guy [on] the show,” she continued. “At first, I didn’t want my first kiss to be on screen. Then, I realized this wouldn’t be my first kiss; it would be Bella’s. But that didn’t stop me from being extremely nervous!”

Needless to say, it was memorable. “The first kiss went well,” she explained. “But the second time we kissed, we missed. We didn’t even kiss each other on the lips. It was just horrible. I was like, ‘Dang it! No, Brec. You can do it.’ And finally for the third kiss, everyone said, ‘That was beautiful! That was perfect.'”

And there were at least double the amount of stars whose first kiss was on a Disney Channel show: