8 Actors Who Had Their First Kiss on a Disney Channel Show

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A lot of kissing happens in the Disney Channel world. As if it wasn’t enough for some actors to hook up with their co-stars when the cameras stop rolling, some DC celebrities have to share a passionate moment on screen. Think back to the time you had your very first kiss — awkward AF, right? Now, imagine what it would’ve been like with dozens of adults watching it happen while knowing it was going to be broadcast for millions on one of the most successful networks in the world. *cringes*

While Jason Dolley says his first peck “was really cool,” Selena Gomez recalls hers as “the most awkward kiss in the world.” But even though the two young actors’ 1st-smooch experiences were pretty different, they also shared one major thing in common — they happened on set of a Disney Channel show! Click through the gallery below to see who else shares this awk experience.