10 Actors Who Were Abruptly Kicked Off of Their TV Shows

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If you’ve ever lived through a central cast member being unceremoniously fired from one of your favorite shows, then I feel for you. But not as much as I feel sorry for the actual freshly-unemployed actor. And, while having your show canceled completely sucks pretty badly, I’m almost positive that being the only one given the boot stings worse (like with the whole Naya Rivera/Glee drama). At least, if you all get fired together, you have a group of people to weep with over some wine and pizza. But not when you’re shown the door all by your lonesome.

Speaking of actors being shown doors and such, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes wants it to be clear that Columbus Short isn’t welcome back to the show as Harrison after he went and got himself arrested. And also, that Harrison is just gone entirely from the show and rumors that the role will be re-cast aren’t true.

Yikes, sorry ’bout that, Eric West. I’m sure it’s nothing personal. But, in honor of Columbus’ firing being officially deemed “for realsies,” why not take a look at the list of actors who have been in his exact same position? For solidarity’s sake, or something.

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