All the Actors Who Almost Played Beast in the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast

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Good news!! We’re officially less than a month away from the premiere of Beauty and the Beast — YAY!! To celebrate the final (ish) countdown, we thought we’d take a deeper look into the live-action movie’s casting process. Sure, we already know which female stars could’ve played Belle, but how much information do we really have if we don’t know what went down behind the scenes before Dan Stevens was given the part of Beast??

We want you to be really prepared, so not to worry — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to see which male actors were considered for (or in one case, OFFERED) the lead character way back when. You’re welcome!

1. Robert Pattinson — Around the same time that Kristen Stewart was being considered to play Belle, Robert was allegedly also in talks to join the cast. Not gonna lie, there isn’t much proof behind this rumor other than the fact that Bill Condon, the man who directed the last two Twilight films, also directed B&tB.

2. Ryan Gosling — This actor was actually offered the part of Beast before Dan Stevens, but turned it down so he could do La La Land. While most people would probably regret their decision to NOT star in a Disney classic, Ryan nabbed an Oscar nomination for his role in the musical, so we doubt he’s too upset.

3. Josh BrolinIMDB reports that when it was first announced that Disney would be making a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, this 49-year-old actor was one of the stars considered for the lead role. Unfortunately, movie executives apparently decided Josh was “too old” for the character and kept the casting process going.

4. Jamie T — The British singer-songwriter shocked fans when he revealed he was asked to audition for the upcoming Disney flick. “I’ve been asked to do musicals and I got asked last year to audition for Beauty and the Beast. They said Emma Watson’s playing the Beauty and we want you to audition for the Beast,” he told Q magazine. While Jamie did follow up on the request by asking, “how much?,” the role obviously wasn’t meant to be.

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