8 Actors Who Can’t Stop Starring in Disney Channel Original Movies

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Most actors who get the chance to work for the Disney Channel say that the network is like a family — once you’re in it, you’re there for life. This is probably the reason why so many young stars get labeled as ‘Disney Kids,’ because The Mouse tends to re-use their actors over and over again. We’ve seen stars on the network’s TV shows double up and release a DCOM at the same time, and have even witnessed some of our faves did the same in the OPPOSITE direction.

If we rounded up everyone who’s been in multiple Disney Channel Original Movies, it would take you days, maybe even YEARS to read the whole list. That being said, we chose to narrow this gallery down to the most loyal of DCOM actors — the best of the best — the ones who have been in at least three of the network’s UNRELATED original movies (so no, Zac Efron doesn’t count for the three High School Musical films, sadly). And sorry, Demi Lovato and Dove Cameron — you only missed the cut by one!