12 Male Actors Accused of Sexual Misconduct After Harvey Weinstein

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Every time we think there can’t possibly be another sexual assault accusation in the news, a new one pops up. From politicians to directors to Olympic gymnastics coaches, fingers have been pointed at men in power right and left ever since the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal broke. And while the famous producer still holds the Hollywood record for the number of female accusers, that still doesn’t make the rest of the reveals that followed any less sickening.

With alleged assaults surfacing seemingly every day, it’s clear that no one is immune to being under the microscope. Women have come out against President Donald Trump, Morgan Spurlock unleashed the truth himself, and even females have been thrown into the mix. The Voice’s Melanie Martinez was recently accused of rape by her former friend.

So at this point, it almost isn’t surprising when successful actors we used to respect are charged with a history of sexual assault and/or harassment. All we can hope for is that this sickening epidemic empowers women to continue speaking up — and that Hollywood comes out of this changed.