9 Actual Actor Injuries That Got Written Into Movie Scripts

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If directors and screenplay writers were lucky, the actors who were cast in their films will remain in mint condition. However, we know that you can sort of see what’s coming next, which is that they are definitely anything but. True, they get to surround themselves with a fleet of Hollywood’s beloved, rake in mountains of cash and have their life’s work immortalized each time. But also, they’ve got to figure out what to do with all of these actors who are going around and getting injured all of the time.

Luckily, some genius probably of the Golden Age, came up with the ever so bright idea of simply writing the actor’s defect into their character’s storyline. That way, no one needs to be fired or bother themselves with rehiring a new actor.

Plus, as the write-in is more often than not both tiny and seamless, no one even notices. Well, except for us, that is. And you. Or, at least it’ll be you, with your eyes wide in amazement the next time that you watch these nine movies and realize that the injuries that you see happening before your eyes on the screen were actually suffered through by the actors themselves: