12 Quick Fixes to Quickly Get Rid of Your Stubborn Acne Scars

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Anyone who has battled acne before — whether it was one bad breakout or years of popping pimples — knows that it is the absolute worst. Keeping your confidence levels up is hard enough without waking up every morning to a new bump on your forehead or a red spot on your jawline. Makeup can only do so much, especially if you can’t resist the temptation and are prone to popping. Even knowing that everyone has been there at some point, Hollywood hotties included, doesn’t help.

But then that day finally comes, the one where you find the perfect product for your skin that presses pause on all the breakouts. Seems like everything you’ve been waiting for, right? A dream come true! That is, until you realize that just because your acne is gone doesn’t mean your old acne scars are going anywhere. But before you give up hope on ever getting rid of those leftovers, check out these skin-saving tricks and wave goodbye to your blemishes.