Teen.com Is Live-Blogging The Oscars!

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Let’s face it. Sometimes the Oscars can be a snooze,  so follow along as we live-blog and live-tweet the awards show. We promise there’s zero chance you’ll doze off as we chronicle the prettiest gowns, cutest guys, and funniest crowd sightings.

We’ll be updating, like, 500 times an hour so check back often! Click on for our updates, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter as we live-tweet!

6:03: Jennifer Lawrence! We love her. Have you seen Winter’s Bone? She looks like a totally different girl. She just told Ryan Seacrest that roles have been pouring in and that there’s a “big break” heading her way. Can’t wait. More importantly, her dress is Calvin Klein. And red hot.

6:07: Josh Hutcherson looks adorable but way more importantly Hailee Steinfeld spotting and she looks gorgeous. Obvi.

6:12: Melissa Leo looks pretty and all (in Marc Bouwer), but we’re Team Hailee. Holy moly, Mila Kunis!

6:13: Armie Hammer. So cute. So, so cute. We don’t know anything about his wife, but she’s pretty. We approve.

6:15: Sometimes the Oscars are so bo-RING, but with Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting, we’re expecting to LOL. Alot.

6:23: Hailee is the coolest girl ever. We’re crossing our fingers that she’ll bring home an award tonight. One of a kind Marchesa? We’re blown away. By her dress and the Goodyear Blimp that’s wishing her luck.

6:25: Is Florence Welch wearing the same dress that she wore on Gossip Girl a few weeks ago? Doesn’t she always look the same (fabulous, but still… the same)?

6:26: Whoa. 1) Mila Kunis looks amazing in Elie Saab. 2) She snagged her Black Swan role on Skype? Amazing.

6:28: Favorite dress so far: Mandy Moore. We only got a quick look, but rhinestones and general gorgeousness galore. Monique Lhuillier never fails.

6:34: Michelle Williams looks beautiful in a sparkly white number. Trend so far? Pale pastels, creams, and whites. Chanel, of course.

6:42: Zachary Levi got to play basketball with Justin Bieber? So jeal.

6:51: Jesse Eisenberg spotted! He looks adorably fidget-y, as usual.

7:01: Scarlett Johansson is wearing the sexiest dress on the red carpet. As usual.

7:06: Wait a sec. What did Ryan say about Twilight? At the Oscars? We will die of happiness if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are walking the red carpet. Together.

7:09: We’re so excited to hear Justin Timberlake talk about N*Sync. And we’re so happy he no longer has the N*Sync curls.

7:18: Helena Bonham Carter never disappoints. We’re convinced she has a magic wardrobe that has an infinite number of wacky dresses.

7:20: Oh my goodness, Andrew Garfield looks so dapper in a suit. Is his mom his date? Or does he need a date? Because we’re free…

7:34: Gleeks rejoice! Gwyneth Paltrow looks so gorg. We bet Mr. Shue would be dying if he could see her now.

7:37: Christian Bale — hot accent, horrible facial hair. C’mon dude, buy a razor.

7:38: Is it just us or does Reese Witherspoon look totally Elle Woods tonight? We’re loving the poufy ponytail. She looks like a Homecoming Queen, but in the best way possible.

7:41: There are still so many stars we still want to see. Donald Trump is not one of them. The clock is ticking, Ryan.

7:52: Lead actor vote? Jesse Eisenberg all the way. Okay, realistically it’s going to be Colin Firth. But we’re going with Jesse on this one.

7:57: More red? Color us surprised. But Natalie Portman does look gorgeous (and totally ready-to-pop preggers) in that Rodarte dress. P.S. Didja know that Rodarte did the costumes in Black Swan?

8:03: Dying over the cuteness that is James Franco. Can’t wait to watch him for two hours straight. Oh, and Anne’s great, too.

8:14: OMG! Gwyneth wants to collaborate with Jay-Z?! Can we make that happen, puh-lease? Even better would be a Gwyneth + Chris Martin + Jay-Z + Beyonce collab.

8:17: Anne Hathaway is just made to wear red. She. Looks. Stunning. Can’t wait to see her on-stage costume changes!


10:05: Finally something worth watching! Mandy Moore‘s blue dress is beyond gorgeous, and her voice is every bit is stunning. Okay, Mandy, time to release a new album.

10:11: Jake Gyllenhaal should just stand up there looking dapper all night. That would be reason enough to watch.

10:19: Twilight! Dying. We were hoping we’d see Kristen Stewart at the Oscars and if it has to be in the form of a lip-dubbed Twilight clip, we’ll take it.

10:39 If we weren’t confident that an epic Gwyneth Paltrow performance was coming up, we would have flipped over to MTV an hour ago.

10:42: Florence! She is so fab.

10:44: Gwyneth could step up there and be awful, and we’d still love her. She sounds fantastic, and we don’t even like country.

10:50: We were in dire need of a little bit of Bieber. We’ve never been so thankful for a commercial in our entire lives.

11:01: It’s official. Best Anne Hathaway costume change yet.

11:08: Is anyone having major flashback to The Holiday? Love Eli Wallach.

11:16: We knew that was coming. Congrats, Natalie!

11:36: Aaaaaaand the Oscar goes to? King’s Speech. Do you agree? Do you wish something else would have won instead?

Happy Oscars!