One of These Teenage YouTube Stars Just Announced That She’s Pregnant!

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Well, this is surprising! YouTube star Acacia Brinley took notes from Joey Graceffa and decided to make a huge life announcement via music video. What’s this crazy news, you may ask? The 18-year-old YouTuber is pregnant!

Acacia and her 25-year-old boyfriend Jairus Kersey released the vid for their song “Times Like These” earlier today, and after watching almost three minutes of the couple being adorable together, the camera focuses on the teen, pans down and reveals a positive pregnancy test. While the pregnancy announcement obviously comes as a major shock to all of us, both parties were smiling from ear to ear and are clearly excited about the new journey.

The musician further expressed his happiness on social media.

“What a beautiful life I get to live,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m so proud and overwhelmed with joy to announce that I’ll be a dad. This has truly been the happiest I’ve ever been. I finally feel like I have a purpose and I can’t wait to start this journey with the perfect girl too.”

But despite the fact that Acacia and Jairus are starting a family together, they don’t have any plans to rush into marriage. The YouTuber tweeted:

Although this is pretty unexpected, we’re still super excited for the couple and can’t wait to meet the newest addition to their family!


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