Scream Queens Actress Abigail Breslin Sued by Her Former Assistant

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Abigail Breslin‘s summer started with the announcement that Scream Queens would NOT be returning to Fox for season three, and it’s ending with some more bad news. TMZ reports that the 21-year-old’s former assistant is suing her for thousands of dollars after she allegedly fired him and never gave him his last paycheck.

Apparently, Michael Helms worked for the blonde until August 4, the date that she let him go. He claims he already submitted his invoice so he could be paid for the time he worked in July BEFORE he got fired, but she said he wasn’t going to be getting that money.

A source close to the ex-assistant says the two spoke after the firing happened and Abigail actually promised that they’d come up with a compromise, because Michael obviously (and rightfully) wanted to be compensated for the work he did before he stopped working for the actress. The celebrity’s legal team allegedly said they’d be in touch to figure out a solution, but he has yet to hear anything, so he moved forward with a lawsuit.

The man is asking for $3,500 as compensation, which was how much he got paid per month.

This isn’t the first time a celeb got sued by a former employee, however. Lady Gaga and Jennifer O’Neill settled a lawsuit outside of court after the latter claimed the “Million Reasons” singer didn’t give her the overtime pay she earned. Mariah Carey‘s ex-assistant claimed she was “overworked and underpaid” while employed by the pop star starting in March 2007, and subsequently took legal action. Marvel’s Stan Lee and his wife and daughter were sued by one-time assitant Shawn Lukaszewicz for inflicting “severe and constant” for almost a year.

TMZ says they reached out to Abigail’s representatives for comment, but they have not yet responded.