True Story: 15-Year-Old Abigail Breslin Is Officially Richer Than You

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What beats waiting tables and babysitting to earn some cash? Being a movie-star. Abigail Breslin is probs the richest teen ever (aside for, like, Justin Bieber), and uh, let’s just say she won’t be asking her parents for some extra cash this summer.

So how much did little Abigail earn in just a WEEK of working in Hollywood?

Popeater is reporting that Abigail earned $275,000 in one week for her work on New Year’s Eve, and could get an additional $100,000 if the movie does well at the box office. Oh, and!? If she has to go in and shoot some more scenes for the movie, she could get up to $40,000 a day. Having Sarah Jessica Parker as your on-screen mom AND getting all that moolah? Some people get all the luck.

Do you think Abigail’s salary is ridiculous? What do you do to earn extra cash in the summer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!