Taylor Lautner Looked Hot At the Abduction Premiere…To Impress his Former/Current GFs (Pics)

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Ok, so Taylor Lautner looked hot as night’s red carpet premiere of Abduction. No duh, he’s Taylor Lautner. But maybe he wanted to look especially dapper because his current flame Lily Collins and his former fling Selena Gomez were both in attendance and he wanted to impress? We think yes. We get why Lily was there and all since, ya know, she’s in the movie, but why would Selena show up? Isn’t that like, awkward to run into your ex with his new girlf?


Maybe Sel was just bored. Yesterday she tweeted:

“I actually have some days off I don’t know what to do with myself right now.”

So ya know, she decided to spend her free time going to red carpets. We do it all the time! But here’s the question we really wanna know: which lady looked better at the event? Peep the pics: