Teen.com Endorses: Abduction! 5 Reasons Why You Should See It

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We’ve been waiting, like, forever to see Taylor Lautner in his first-ever leading role with maximum screen time and let’s just say September 23 can’t get here quick enough! In Abduction, Taylor plays a regular ol’ kid who figures out he’s actually a missing person. And even though it’s nothing like Tay’s other movies, ahem Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, there’s tons of action and suspense in this one. Not enough to convince you? We have 5 more reasons Abduction is a must-see!

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1. Taylor Lautner’s in it. In his latest flick, Taylor gets to show off how awesome he is in human form. And by human form, we mean abs. Yup, the movie’s got plenty of shirtless scenes for your viewing pleasure.

2. Up-and-comer Lily Collins takes the spotlight. Lily Collins has been busy making tons of movies, but we’re totally excited to see her chemistry with Taylor in this one!

3. Taylor and Lily Make Out! And speaking of chemistry, it def shines through in this flick, especially during a steamy scene where Taylor and Lily make out on a moving train. Yup. It’s just as hot as it sounds.

4. It’s an action-packed adventure. Nathan searches high and low for his real family once Karen shows him an unmistakable picture she found of Nathan as a missing person.  Turns out he was kidnapped as a child and his parents aren’t his real parents at all! There are tons of OMG moments like that, plus car chases, foot chases, and things blowing up.

5. Taylor did his own stunts! Those car chases and foot chases that we just mentioned? Taylor did most of those death-defying stunts by himself. He also jumps off trucks and slides down glass. Fearless is clearly just one of Taylor’s many attractive qualities.

Are you excited to see Abduction on September 23? Think Taylor will do well in a leading role that’s not Twilight? Tell us in the comments below!