Oh Ya Know, Just Your Chance To See the Abduction Premiere With Taylor and Lily. NBD. (Video)

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Bruce Talamon

We’re pretty psyched for the release of Taylor Lautner‘s movie Abduction and it really stinks that we won’t get to attend the flick’s premiere in L.A. Wah! But if you’re like us and your invite got lost in the mail and you didn’t win tickets in our sweepstakes, we have a way that you can be there without really being there.

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Thanks to NowLive, the Abduction premiere is gonna be live-streamed for fans in 20 different cities and worldwide via their Facebook page. But we at Teen.com have the live-stream available for you below. You’re welcome!

Abduction is in theaters on September 23, and the premiere begins tonight at 6pm PST, 9pm EST! Are you excited? Wish you were at the red carpet premiere? Sound off in the comments!