TV Network Threatens to Cut Show After Star Mocks Colton Haynes’ Gay Reveal

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For every amount of progress there seems to be made in the LGBTQA+ community, there’s almost always a step back. The recent shootings at popular gay club Pulse in Orlando, FL seriously stress that point. When Nick Jonas tried to lend his support after the fact, that, too, was met with its own backlash, but from the opposite side.

In the week leading up to the tragic weekend, The Real O’NealsNoah Galvin took aim at fellow homosexual actor Colton Haynes‘ coming-out story — a time that is supposed to be special step to the individual queer human — calling it, “f*cking p*ssy bulls*it.” As if, in Colton’s own words, a “three-page article in Entertainment Weekly [is] not an appropriate way to come out.” K. ANYWAY, as you can see, everything is in a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of state rn.

While the country WORLD continues to mourn the loss of the 49 lives that were cut short by one man in Florida, the other aforementioned (and far more minor) setback in the community is, at least, being handled properly.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC threatened to reduce the episode order for the low-rated Real O’Neals because of Noah’s disgusting comments not only about Colton, but about Eric Stonestreet, who portrays a gay man on Modern Family, as well as X-Men director Bryan Singer. The 22-year-old star is said to be known for his “ego and entitlement,” so his cruel comments have not been taken lightly. The network was reportedly not aware of the interview prior; that was allegedly set up by the actor’s personal publicist for potential Emmy promotion. (Good luck to them on that front.) We’ll see if ABC actually follows through on the threat.

This is the year for coming out. Just look at all the male celebrities who took the leap this year: