Shailene, Shay, Skyler And More ABC Fam Faves In The Coolest Campaign Ever (Video)

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ABC Family

We love when our fave celebs get involved with do-good campaigns, and so we’re really excited about this one since, like, every celeb on every single one of our fave ABC Family shows is a part of it. We’re talking about Delete Digital Drama, a super cool campaign that’s trying to put an end to cyberbullying. And everyone from the stars of Secret Life to Pretty Little Liars to Chloe King and Switched At Birth are a part of it.


Wanna know more?

According to TVGuide.com, the program kicks off on July 5 on ABC family, and the pic you see here will appear in the August issue of Seventeen mag. Watch the vid below!

Are you going to get involved with the Delete Digital drama campaign? Have you ever been cyber bullied or bullied at all? Tell us in the comments, guys!