Musical.ly Star’s Boyfriend Caught Sending Nude Pictures for Money

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We didn’t see this one coming. Jackson Krecioch and Aaron Fuller only confirmed their relationship a few days before Christmas, but apparently in the time since then a lot has gone on. As it turns out, the musical.ly star and his model boyfriend were taking a brief break from dating when the 16-year-old started to talk to a guy who was “apparently…rich” and offered him $30,000 in exchange for naked pictures. Aaron’s family struggles with fiances, so he decided to take the man (who many fans assume is Muser Kevin Bojorquez) up on his offer.

“It hurts me that people are going to think I cheated on Jackson, because I didn’t,” Aaron explained through tears in an earlier live stream. “I really didn’t. We were on a break and I needed money and I tried to get money, and it didn’t f*cking work. I care too much about him to lose him over something like this.”

While the 18-year-old is “hurt for obvious reasons,” the couple is “okay” right now.

“Me and him are still dating. We’re good,” Jackson told fans in his own live video.

The pair is currently working through this together and Aaron is “getting off twitter until all of this dies down.”

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