First a YouTuber Blocked His Ex on Social Media, Then He Quit the Internet Entirely

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While Jackson Krecioch and Aaron Fuller were once #goals, their relationship quickly turned into a straight-up disaster. First, the 17-year-old revealed that he sent a stranger nudes for money while he was on a break with the musical.ly star, only to later admit that weren’t broken up and he did, in fact, cheat. The YouTubers tried to make it work, but ultimately decided to break up on what appeared to be good terms. Key word: appeared.

The former couple was hit with another patch of drama when the 18-year-old revealed his ex blocked him on all forms of social media for seemingly no reason at all. “If you want it to be like this it can be lol,” Jackson tweeted at Aaron. “I never blocked him. I don’t know if it did it by itself?? That sounds like bs but why would I not confess over…a block…” the model replied back.

A likely story, because even after he said he DIDN’T block Jackson, he didn’t go through any steps to un-block him. JK was obviously pissed and jumped on YouNow to say he was completely done with his former love and regretted wasting his time. A few hours later, Aaron posted this note on Instagram:

“Lately, social media has been a s*it storm with me. It [has] affected my mental health, the way I eat, the way I feel. It’s also clear that I’ve been in a lot of ‘beefs’ throughout 2017. It’s been a s*it storm. I don’t want to sit here being afraid of someone coming in and destroying my follower count. Or ruining something for me. To the people that support me, I love you immensely, please never forget that. With all of that being said, I resign from social media until 2018. I will come back a different person. Both mentally, and physically. Thank you for being so supportive if me. Its something I’ll never forget. See you in 2018″

If you’re freaking out about Aaron’s Internet break, don’t worry too much — he’s going to Hawaii soon and he will be Snapchatting during his vacation (lol).

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