Chloe Grace Moretz Asked Out on Date by Her Childhood Celebrity Crush

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Everyone can look back and remember the person who was their celebrity crush growing up. Some people swooned over Nick Jonas, while others only had eyes for Justin Timberlake. Chloe Grace Moretz, however, found her ~first love~ with a different male star at the ripe old age of 4 — Aaron Carter.

“When I was 4 years old I thought Aaron Carter was so cool,” the 20-year-old told Variety magazine for the Power of Young Hollywood issue. “And then my friend, when we were both little babies back in Georgia, she liked Aaron Carter, too. We used to fight about who would date Aaron Carter one day. Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet.”

The 29-year-old and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, broke up after he came out as bisexual last week, so the timing of CGM’s reveal was seemingly perfect. The singer jumped on the opportunity and decided to ask the actress out on a date via social media.

“Mmmm may I take you to dinner @ChloeGMoretz,” he wrote on Twitter in response to an article about the girl’s crush.

He later continued, “Hey @ChloeGMoretz — let’s set up a date. The crush is mutual.”

Chloe, who was last linked to Brooklyn Beckham, has yet to publicly respond to Aaron’s request.

If CGM does end up dating AC, she’ll join a hefty list of celebrities who eventually got together with their celeb crush. Jai Brooks was crushing hard on Ariana Grande back in the day, so he asked fans to help him get her attention on social media. Joe Jonas was always vocal about how he thought Camilla Belle was stunning, so you can only imagine how thrilled he was when they became a couple several months later. And we can’t forget how Justin Bieber once told radio DJs that Selena Gomez was the star he was crushing on long before they became Jelena.