Aaron Carter & His Girlfriend Arrested for Alleged DUI & Drug Possession

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Aaron Carter sure has come a long way since his Aaron’s Party days… and not necessarily in a good way. The 29-year-old former tween heartthrob is still on the music circuit, currently promoting his new single, “Sooner or Later,” but his life outside of his profession is far from glamorous.

Over the weekend, Nick Carter‘s baby brother was arrested on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects, according to the the Habersham County sheriff’s office (via TMZ). The musician reportedly refused a breathalyzer and testing of his blood and urine to determine if he was intoxicated; he was booked soon after.

Aaron’s girlfriend, Madison Parker, was in the car, and was arrested as well.

On the eve of the incident, the star was scheduled to perform in Kansas City. Obviously, he was unable to make the event — so, naturally, his team let his fans know of the sitch:

“Transportation issues” — love it.

BUT, according to Aaron’s team (via Twitter), there’s a totally different story. “Aaron’s been traveling non-stop doing promotions on his hit single “Sooner or Later” across the southeast when his automobile had a new tire put on it and went out of alignment,” the statement began. “Aaron drove the vehicle to the nearest Auto Zone in Cornelia, GA. After being at the store and requesting help to get his alignment fixed, he was arrested inside by several police officers with aggression. The police also revoked his rights to have an attorney.”

The singer reportedly holds a medical license for medical marijuana for his “long-standing anxiety,” so that would explain the weed. As for as the other charges, we’re not so sure.

Aaron claims that his “celebrity” status was targeted, and wants to sue the police.

Since his release, he’s been quite vocal on Twitter:

Don’t worry, folks — the “entire truth” is still to come: