Disgusting Joke About Dead Dad Pushes Vine Star to an Emotional Breakdown

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They say time heals all wounds, but people who have lost someone know that the pain always remains, no matter how many months go by. Vine star Aaron Carpenter, whose stepfather died suddenly just after Christmas, knows this fact all too well. But while the 17 year old is doing his best to stay positive following his dad’s passing, he occasionally can’t help but break down — especially when supposed fans make jokes about his loss.

It all started when some of the current Magcon boys got into it with past members on social media over the weekend. After a bunch of indirect Twitter shading and general confusion, fans slowly started to take sides. Those who were on #TeamPresent began to attack #TeamPast, and vice versa. It was all relatively tame, however, until one “fan” decided to compare the Magcon drama to Aaron’s father’s death.

Whoa; that definitely crossed a line. Although actual fans were hoping that Aaron would somehow avoid seeing the note, even though it began to go a bit viral, the Viner’s BFF Taylor Caniff confirmed that he not only saw the message, but had an understandably emotional reaction to it.

We cannot even imagine how Aaron must have felt when he saw that tweet. SO disgusting.

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